Friday, March 4, 2011

Strange Reports

For those who've been asking:

1. Yes, we're aware of the reports that AE's plane, with skeletons in it yet, has been found in New Guinea.  Since (a) there are lots of airplane wrecks in New Guinea; (b) there are lots of skeletons in New Guinea; (c) New Guinea is a couple thousand miles from Howland Island, from the vicinity of which her last generally accepted radio messages emanated; and (d) the alleged finders have been trying to get up-front payments for photographs of the wreck, we're not taking the reports very seriously.

2. Yes, we're aware that there's a project underway to recover Earhart DNA from envelopes she may have licked.  Since we already have a reference sample of Earhart DNA, we're not altogether sure why this project is being undertaken.  The researchers have not contacted TIGHAR to exchange notes.

For the latest on TIGHAR's own DNA research, see


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